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Regional Response Team, Region IX
Arizona, California, Nevada – All Hazard Response Support & Preparedness

Historic Properites

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  • National Programmatic Agreement on Protection of Historic Properties (55.13 KB)

    During Response Under the Nat'l Oil & HAZMAT Plan

  • National Historic Properties Act of 1966 as amended (146.62 KB)

    NHPA, full text

  • Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

    Web Page:

  • Gulf Spill Q&A About Historic Properties (175.82 KB)

    Advisory Council on Historic Properties (ACHP)

    This information concerns the DEEPWATER HORIZON Spill of 2010.
  • Historic Properties Specialist Justification to FOSC (15.83 KB)

    Justification for Staff to Support Section 106

    The National Programmatic Agreement provides a mechanism for the USCG to comply with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1966 as amended. The purpose of the agreement is to help ensure that historic properties are taken into account during emergency response so that they are not inadvertently injured or destroyed.
  • Historic Properties Specialist Designation (162.77 KB)

    Letter of Designation (Example)

    In a large response where a Unified Area Command (UAC) oversees several Unified Commands (UC), there is only one Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC), the USCG Area Commander, and only one Historic Properties Specialist. The specialists at the Unified Commands are called Historic Properties Specialist's Representatives. The Historic Properties Specialist may also have other technical specialists on his team such as Native American archaeologists and marine archaeologists.
  • National Historic Properties Act (99.03 KB)

    California Implementation Guidelines July 2005